Artist laments abuse(Rudo Amor)

She got into music at the age of 12 and got trained until she reached 18. She prides herself in having performed for corporate companies such as Econet Zimbabwe, MBCA bank, PPC Zimbabwe amongst others. “I’ve now been in the industry for almost 17years and it’s been a wonderful and sometimes painful journey,” she said.

“I wanted to be a positive voice and sing music that would heal hearts and bring hope. Modeling came by accident (laughs) i didn’t see myself as the model type but when i auditioned to sing at a local festival they cast me as a model. I fell in love with dressing up and the excitement of being a catwalk model,” she said.

“I’ve discovered that not all men are looking out for you, I had to make a decision early on in my career that I wouldn’t compromise to get a gig or job. At times I would be passed over for opportunities because I refused to date a producer or promoter. “Males dominate the entertainment world and not all of them truly want to see women succeed without getting something in return. They are in most cases the decision makers. We need to see more women taking up positions so that we can have females advocating for us,” she said.

“When you don’t know the industry especially concerning music rights you’ll be prone to a lot. I was once hired 3 years ago by a songwriter to sing and record one of her songs but when the producer started to flirt with me and I ignored, he messed up the production. When we requested for the music files so we could get the song mixed somewhere else he started dodging us, though the songwriter had paid for these files. To this day we don’t have those files,” said Rudo

She highlighted the need for agencies that work on not just the exterior of a model but groom young models to be brands that companies can work with. Grooming models in such a way that they are able to grow and sustain themselves in the industry without compromising themselves and sometimes jeopardizing their careers.

“We need entertainment advocates who work at ensuring female models and artists are protected and taken seriously. We also need workshops about understanding what our rights are and what we can do if our rights have been violated, “she added.

Her words of advice to upcoming models and artists, “Firstly know who you are, accept yourself and love yourself flaws and all. Also have a vision for your career and believe in yourself and that with God you can do all things!.”

She use her soulful voice to touch people’s lives and is currently the programs manager for an initiative “SisNxtGen” founded by Culture Fund Zim and supported by the EU in Zim. “We at SisNxtGen have conducted trainings in music business, recording and production to equip young women so they can have more control over their music careers and be successful,” she said.

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