Artist speaks out about abuse in the entertainment industry ( Liander)

RnB and pop artist Liander Tinashe Tendere popularly known as Liander in the music industry speaks out about the abuse of girls in the industry. “If a girl wants to penetrate the industry she’s forced to sleep with someone so she can get the help she wants , her talent will now be useless since anyone who can sleep with someone is guaranteed the spotlight which is wrong,” he said.

“I feel like there is more abuse in the industry because of the image that people have portrayed of artists especially our female musicians. People assume that if you are in the entertainment industry you are a prostitute. “Because of this parents find it hard to support their children due to fear of them turning into prostitutes and womanizers,” he also added.

Despite all the shortcomings Art can help the girl child by reducing the levels of prostitution since they will have something to keep them occupied while also earning and also by giving other females hope and inspiration through being good idols.

When asked about the challenges faced by musicians in the industry he had this to say,“The Zimbabwean entertainment industry is tough but so is life. I believe everything sweet comes out of sweat .The biggest challenge is making it when you are doing music that is not Zimdancehall. Another challenge is promoters tend to take advantage of us as we don’t have a wage gazette and we are also underpaid, sometimes after a show you get no payment at all.”

Liander has performed at the Miss Rustenburg South Africa; Africa Unite alongside Gemini Major , Buffalo Soldier, Banda, Killer T, Pinto Vybz and Winky D. He was the opening for Fresh Cult in most of their gigs. He also performed at Metro FM Heatwave and at Murehwa High School.

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