How to select a perfume

By Sarudzai Tafirenyika

There is a popular saying that says, “A perfume is the ultimate accessory to elegance, it gives you the final touch.” We want you to have that final touch hence the need for today’s topic.

Did you know that you don’t just bump into a perfume shop and pick the most selling, or the most popular perfume? Perfumes are bought or chosen according to personality (character).Your perfume and your personality should always match. I wouldn’t expect a reserved and down to earth person to wear shouting fragrances. Today we are going deep in fragrance personality.

There are three types of fragrance personalities:

  1. Passionate

These are for the ones who want sweet and flowery scents. These scents are usually oriental or Floral. These are usually a fiery scent of intoxicating fruit combined with florals and ends with honey, amber and vanilla which leaves a long lasting effect on your skin. Examples are:

  • Amorous
  • Lady Pal
  • Eternal Lady
  • Rosely
  1. Romantic

This class of perfumes is for those ladies who are hopeful romantics. This class is meant to attract, attract again and attract once more. You wear this perfume and everyone keep staring at you during the whole day. This is a sparkling feminine scent with light florals, sweet fruits and a base of woody musk. This perfume will get men around you drooling all day. It’s so attention demanding!!! You can’t bear not looking at a person in this type of perfume. Examples are :

  • Be Delicious
  • Bottled Beauty
  • Amiable
  • Impress

3. Mysterious (This is actually my favorite type of perfume)

This perfume is for bold people. It is also for people who are ambitious, people who will never let the world re-evaluate their worth. People who know not only what they want but how to get it. These scents are a sensual scent of mystical ylang-ylang and dries on a sensual Amber and vanilla base . This is the type of scent to wear to a boardroom meeting, it’s a statement on its own. This scent will have you turning every chair you sit on into a throne. Examples are:

  • Eternal Gents
  • Sir Dior
  • Legacy
  • Intensity
  • Glamorous
  • Misty

We are done selecting the perfume, right? Let’s move to the next important aspect of perfumes. Some people always complain that perfumes don’t last long on them and often put the blame on their perfume supplier. I hope today’s presentation will be an eye opener.

How to wear a perfume to make it last longer:

  1. Take your bath or shower and dry your skin. This is the time when your skin pores are open to absorb the perfume.
  2. Moisturize your skin with unscented moisture or one which has the same scent with your perfume. A moisturizer with a different scent will fight the scent of your perfume and it won’t come out as it was supposed to.
  3. Start with one spray ( if it is your first time using that particular fragrance). You are not yet sure how this fragrance will smell on you. You will add more spray as your get used to your fragrance.
  4. Less is more. That’s the perfume rule. Too much perfume is overwhelming and is usually a put off. A fragrance should be discovered and not announced. Only those within your arm’s distance from you should be able to smell your perfume.
  5. Hold your perfume 3-6 inches away from your skin. Spray onto your skin and not your clothes. Why? Some if not most perfumes leave stains on clothes. In addition, its your skin that absorbs the perfume not your clothes. # I repeat do not spray perfumes on clothes…rather spray on your skin.
  6. Spray onto your pulse points. These are wrist, fold of elbow, behind ears, behind knees, chest ( cleavage) ,neck. These are areas which release heat which in turn pushes the scent out.
  7. Don’t and Never rub the wrists (mostly) or any part of the body you have sprayed. This kills the fragrance notes, it breaks the molecular bonds making the scent weaker and disappear faster. I don’t know who misinformed people that they should rub especially their wrists. It’s a no, I have realized most people are now addicted to rubbing their wrists soon after spraying a perfume. I will keep saying this until it sinks and drowns in you… No rubbing, please.

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