HOT: Should Models, promoters and photographers carry condoms to their camping trips and projects?


Sparkles: Yes, in case of an emergency

Adm◼️: But isn’t it that models should keep it professional behind the studio doors?

Tadiwa: Everyone should keep condoms with them every time

 Sparkles: They try by all means but temptation can intervene

Tadiwa:  Is it only the models who should be professional?

Adm◼️: But your industry is the most crucial one because one can easily confuse it for porn industry, let’s assume you’re posing for lingerie shoots.

Tadiwa: What’s bad about condoms?

Tadiwa: It’s not the industry. It is the people. And I won’t try to sugarcoat reality. People always have sex when they get a chance. So it’s better if people carry condoms just in case.

+263: But don’t you think you shouldn’t encourage models to have sex just with anyone, I mean most people especially here in Africa most parents never allow their children to get involved in such disgusting behaviors that most models get involved in all in the name of just in case. Rather u should try to erase that wrong mentality which most people have that models are prostitutes. I mean sleeping around with just anyone that’s prostituting yourself.

Tadiwa: This is about dealing with reality more than facts. How many people are allowed to have sex by their parents? 0 children but aren’t people having sex? For how long are we going to keep sugarcoating the harsh reality? People should be encouraged to be safe rather than not to have sex because they won’t listen. Today I was walking in the neighborhood and I saw three little girls about 13 to 14 years old but not more than this range. All of them were pregnant. If they had managed to get proper education they would not have reached that stage.

 Tadiwa: The thing is it’s the prostitutes doing their work in the name of modeling. Just pay close attention and you will see, real models don’t behave like that.

+263: But seriously we are talking about values here, just because everyone else is having sex it’s not an excuse for someone to also do it. It is wrong no matter how many people are doing it.

+2637: So why do you have to carry condoms if you have self-control or if you have proper values

+263: No matter how much you educate people they just won’t listen. How many times do you read the 10 commandments but u still break them?

Tadiwa: That’s ’why I said let’s face reality more than facts. How many people are valuing the so called values?  I would rather teach someone to keep condoms and plan b pills than to tell them not to have sex because eventually they will just do it. If people listened there wouldn’t be cases of child pregnancies or people dying from abortion. The world has changed and it’s high time to change our mindsets. No wonder we are given condoms at school because if people are told nit to have sex they won’t listen. It is better to prevent STIs and pregnancies.

Sparkles: Not everyone can control some situations and having a condom doesn’t mean u are going to have sex. It’s needed when necessary

Tadiwa: There’s a time you will get to that point. Where you just have condoms for no particular reason but you just keep them. That’s why I said it’s better to encourage someone to use condoms and contraceptives than to tell them not to have sex

 Elton: The thing about sex at work is it didn’t and is not limited to modeling, it exists in every industry. No matter  what we say this isn’t going to stop anytime soon that’s why these people should  carry condoms whenever they go out for camps and other projects because chances that they will engage in these activities are high so it’s better  to be safe than sorry.

+263: I also suggest that our mothers here should understand their female children because we don’t have aunties to teach us the route to follow. If you are a mother don’t be too strict on your child, if you are too strict the child will be wayward. Children nowadays lack guidance, they do not know that if they have unprotected sex they are at risk of STIs and unwanted pregnancies.

Tadiwa: Exactly. Plus when at the age of puberty you will be at the most critical stage of life, It is very hard to take control when you don’t have enough education. Of which in schools they are teaching children not to engage in sexual activities.


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