Up-close and personal with Amanda Ngcono

1.Amanda Ngcono Nkomo is a 22 year old Zimbabwean born lady. Currently a full time student, model, public speaker, advocate of women empowerment, women’s rights and the support of the girl child, radio host for Friday Night With ATM and a presenter.I am also Miss World Zimbabwe UK 2017 , Zimbabwean young achiever of the year 2018 for the Zimbabwean achievers awards, Zimbabwean International Women’s Awards rising star 2018, scholarship at the United Nations New York City, represented Zimbabwe at the United Nations model Tanzania . Miss global international Jamaica top 20 representing Zimbabwe. I was recently awarded Global Youth Ambassador 2020 from the young creative leaders.

I am the founder of the Ngcono Mbowane Foundation which seeks to help those in developing countries, and help reach the sustainable development goals. Our vision is to be able to work, support and provide the necessary tools needed for people to live a stable life for all people in all walks of life children and adults, to be able to make communities stronger. Our mission is to be able to provide the needs required for individuals to live such as school supplies, pads for girls, clothing, food, workshops and project work.

Ngcono Mbowane Foundation to date has done a couple of projects including school give away drive, #GirlTalk The live show girls empowerment day, food hamper drive to help in aid of COVID-19 and donated PPE equipment to local clinics also in aid of COVID-19. Last yet December Ngcono Mbowane Foundaiton won charitable effects of 2019 at the Zimbabwean Young Achievers Awards

2. What type of type of modeling are you into?
I’m into commercial, editorial, runaway and fashion modelling. I also do beauty pageants both local and international.

3. What inspired you to be a model?
I grew up watching American next top model and I really loved that show so much, I remember thinking that’s what I would love to do.

4. What was your first performance as a model.
It was in primary school when I was around 8 at a school charity fashion show, it was so much fun. I think at this point is where I knew that this is something I really had a passion for.

5. What’s the secret behind your beauty.
A lot of laughter and love, I try and my very best to look after the way I look. I love getting my hair, make up and nails done. I also always say that, even from within and the way I see life it’s the secret to my beauty. I also want to remind people that beauty is not only just about the outside appearance but also the inside as well, beauty comes also from within.

6. How often do you eat, what type of food do you eat, when and why do you eat that type of food.
I try my very best to have a balanced diet and it’s not always easy because I love takeaways (hahaha), but when I do eat I try to eat healthy. Because health is wealth, I absolutely love fruits and I drink loads of water too which helps. I love trying different meals but I think that my favorite food which I will always have in my heart is sadza with beef and greens.

7. What’s your style in terms of fashion.
My style is very different one day it can be very glam and other days it can be very casual and simple. I love a good balance but I would say I love more of the dress up and glam. I love wearing heels and just looking well presented, I also like trying out different styles and seeing what works best for me.

8. When and why did you start your foundation?
I started the Ngcono Mbowane foundation in 2019 and we did our first projects in Bulawayo. The reason I started this foundation is because of the love and hope I have for my beautiful motherland, Zimbabwe and of Africa as well. I wanted to help where possible and be the change I would like to see. I wanted to build something for future generations to come.

9. Looking at today’s young female models, what do you think is going wrong in the modeling industry and how best can it be solved.
I think for me I would say there needs to be more modelling opportunities for the beautiful young models, I think there also needs to be more resources provided for those interested in modelling and more guidance on how people can get into modelling also protection for models is needed.

10. What were your worst moments as a model? And who was to blame?
I wouldn’t say I have had any worst moments I have experienced yet but I would say that sometimes when I apply and don’t get the role or when I take part in a competition and don’t win it can get me down but it also makes me stronger and more determined to work harder. Someone once told me to be the best you got to train like the best.

11. How do you balance between, (school/work) and modelling and your relationship at the same time.
It’s not easy at all, it’s a juggling game with a lot to do with the organisation and making sure everything flows well. From both my school, work, modelling, foundation and relationships I try and juggle and balance the best way I can , I am always thankful I have an amazing support team both my family and friends.

12. How important is social media to you as a model.
Social media is so powerful when used in the right way. As a model it’s really good and important to have a social media platform so people can know who you are and what you do. So I would always advise upcoming models to keep building their social media platform. Social media can also have its downsides so it’s important to know that as well.

13. What perspective would you like to adjust on people towards modelling and how?.
I would like people to see the more positive sides to modelling and that it can actually be a career. I would like them to be more open minded about modelling and the different types of modelling there is.

14. Where are you from, which city is your home town, and how many Models are looking up to you from your home town.
I was born in the city of Bulawayo but my village is Tsholotsho that’s where my family begun from, and from my understanding and knowledge quite a lot of people are looking up to me, I get lovely messages from people saying they are proud and happy for me.

15. Do you have anything else that you would like to say?
Yes, I would like to say thank you very much for this amazing interview and also I would like to encourage everyone who reads this interview to keep on going and pushing no matter what they are doing and also to love and be themselves always because greatness is in each and everyone of us, we just got to sometimes find it and when we do to keep shining our light and creating a better future for the world and generations to come.

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